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Farms Digital, in Beverly Farms

A Unique Perspective

Truly, we provide you objective viewpoints on how best to achieve your online goals. In fact, our unique insights and strategic thinking will benefit your project long after the initial launch.

Strategic Planning & Execution

Why make life unnecessarily complicated. We employ some elegant and very sophisticated software to achieve your online goals in the most cost efficient way possible. We use modern methods and established standards that anyone on your team can understand. What makes us unique is our insight into how best to achieve your goals, and in choosing the right tools to do the job. For that, you get the best, most amazing project at the most efficient cost.

We Deliver Optimal Online Experiences

We strive for a consistent content hierarchy, intuitive interfaces, and a fluid responsiveness throughout your application. Your constituents will notice a deceptively simple online experience that is free of friction. The positive results will be immediate.
We have online solutions that drive some very complex websites, for businesses and entities of all shapes and sizes, and all sorts of markets. What they all have in common is that Farms Digital is the vendor-partner providing the online solution that continues to drive proven results, month in and month out.

Farms Digital Provides Online Solutions that Drive Success

Our Solutions Use Leading Edge Techniques and Mature Technologies to Deliver an Amazing Editor Experience  

We utilize a mix of open source software platforms layered with commercially supported applications or "feature sets" to build solutions that can really drive your success. What you receive is a website that can be easily understood (or inherited) by others, such as future staff members who become involved in the content, landing page designers authoring a new layout, or software engineers developing a custom app.

Our Solutions do the Heavy Lifting 

Low-code means low maintenance and a lot less headaches. You can finally laser focus on the more important things, like strategy and swift execution. And your maintenance and development costs will decrease from the moment of launch.

Our Team does the Care and Feeding 

You're in good hands with our hosting services team. Most of the time you won't even notice us. But we will always be busy with server, platform, and site updates that keeps your online presence at peak-level performance. And in support of your ongoing needs, we have content maintenance and custom app development for building out or hooking into anything  you might require.

You're also in good hands with the platform development team. At any one time, software engineers are addressing issues or building out new features. If it's a bug, it won't be for long. And if it's a new feature, it will be amazing.
We can remove you from your fly-by-wire website, where you're always trying to "make things work." Once you experience our DXP (digital experience platform), you will finally be free of the CMS drudgery and limitations that you've suffered through in the past.

About Us

We specialize in projects made with Vanjaro, an open source Digital Experience Platform (DXP) built on DNN - the leading open source web content management platform (CMS) in the Microsoft ecosystem.


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